impressive solutions in architectural visualization

We are an architectural visualization studio that produces impressive renders and chooses creative yet smart and efficient processes.

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our 47 person studio creates 200+ renders per month

Coupling a forensic eye for detail, unique knowledge and creativity, and dedication to collaboration, we fulfill our clients' ambitions from concept to final render.







stas povaliaevfounder, ceo
stas povaliaev - founder, ceo
irina horbachovalead project manager
irina horbachova - lead project manager
marina vasilishinalead project manager
marina vasilishina - lead project manager
kseniia lopatynskaproject manager
kseniia lopatynska - project manager
vladyslav hrebenart director
vladyslav hreben - art director
oleksandr menchynskyiart director
oleksandr menchynskyi - art director
serge somkinsenior 3d artist
serge somkin - senior 3d artist
peter piataksenior 3d artist
peter piatak - senior 3d artist
vladyslav holovchenkosenior 3d artist
vladyslav holovchenko - senior 3d artist
victoria yurkosenior 3d artist
victoria yurko - senior 3d artist
ihor strelchenkosenior 3d artist
ihor strelchenko - senior 3d artist
anastasiia vetrovasenior 3d artist
anastasiia vetrova - senior 3d artist
ihor sinov3d artist
ihor sinov - 3d artist
vitalii shcherodin3d artist
vitalii shcherodin - 3d artist
vasiliy holinka3d artist
vasiliy holinka - 3d artist
oleksandr koval3d artist
oleksandr koval - 3d artist
polina grigorash3d artist
polina grigorash - 3d artist
olena horbunova3d artist
olena horbunova - 3d artist
serhii butskyimodeller
serhii butskyi - modeller

We are a team of passionate 3d artists with decades of architectural background

Our knowledge and constant exploration of contemporary architecture's worlds allow us to be on the same page and win the hearts and minds of architects and designers from around the globe.

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